Loops and Lattes Hiking Guide - Waterloo, Wellington & Guelph

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Waterloo, Wellington & Guelph Hikes, the fifth in our Loops & Lattes series of hiking guides, takes you to a land where historic cities, towns and villages cozy up to pastoral rivers. Where Octoberfest competes for your attention with horse-drawn buggies, and gracious stone homes vie for your favour with resplendent maple forests.

Where else in Canada can you board a train, transfer to a wagon, get dropped off next to a garage occupied by horses and buggies, wander along streets lined with heritage inns and restaurants, and pick up a latte before your hike has even begun? And then, and then, you follow trails that tunnel through dense forests, climb to panoramic views, weave among enormous farms and pass through carpets of white trilliums.

The lovely Nicola Ross has more versions available in her Loops and Lattes serie, such as Collingwood, the Blue Mountains & Beaver Valley. Go check out her website.