Our Tea Room

Serving Premium Teas & French Pastries

Christelle Martin

Welcome to Ambiances Gourmandes

Looking for a nice little spot to enjoy your favourite tea with friends? Come by our tea room and enjoy friendly service, a warm and cozy atmosphere and wander our aisles of tea to find an old favourite or a new taste.


Our delicious scones are a famous staple for afternoon tea parties. Served with cream and homemade jams, they are a treat! We also have other baked delights.

Eat in or take away available.

*Please notify us of any food preferences or allergies when reserving. We do our very best to accommodate everyone.

blueberry scones
fancy tea cups on fancy plates

Hours & Reservations

We are open Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00am to 4:00pm and Friday & Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm. (except for holidays)

At this time, reservations are required, even for tea and scones. For Afternoon and High Tea, we ask for a reservation at least 48 hours in advance.


Cream, Afternoon & High Teas

Thé Gourmand - $12

A pot of tea and 4 sweet treats.

Afternoon Tea - $30/person*

3 appetizers, 3 finger sandwiches, 4 sweets, 2 scones with whipped cream and homemade jam, a personal pot of tea, and tea sample* to take home.

High Tea - $35/person*

Main course, 3 appetizers, 3 finger sandwiches, 4 sweets, 2 scones with whipped cream and homemade jam, a personal pot of tea, tea sample* to take home.

*Tea samples include a small sealed bag of one of our premium looseleaf teas. We usually have two or three featured teas you can choose from that day.

(Gluten Free available for Afternoon Tea or High Tea +$3)

wall of tea pots

*Reservations required

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Main Course?

The main course for High Tea is one of our soups. They are house made and pretty popular.

Do you offer a gluten free version or a dairy free version?

At this time, we have not found a dairy free version that is satisfying to us. We do offer a gluten free version for an additional $3 fee.

Can I call the day of to enjoy High or Afternoon Tea?

It is a long process to have everything ready for this experience. Most of it is made from scratch in house. That is why there is a requirement for a reservation 48 hours prior.

On the Sweeter Side

stabilized whipped cream

Scone with Cream & Jam

Our scones are pretty famous and served with whipped cream and homemade jam

A spot of tea!

Select one of our over 200 varieties of tea and enjoy a personal pot.

Daily Sweets

These often include a variety of squares, cannelés, meringues, and more.

High Tea at Home

Many of our delicious teas and pastries are available to order online.