Ambiances Gourmandes

 Loving the versality of Looseleaf teas & passionate about French Pastries

Christelle Martin

Bienvenue à
Ambiances Gourmandes

A Tea Room, a pastry shop, a retail store for local products, a little France away from France, a cocoon to stop at and recharge, Ambiances Gourmandes is all that and more! 

Come and taste our unique ambiance.

Warmly Serving Humanity

Our mission, the reason we come here every day is to be of service. We want to make a difference in the life of our customers, of our suppliers, of our team members.
We are using as local, as organic, as seasonal ingredients as we can. We thrive to make sure that each individual in the chain of making this shop happen, is paid/or charge fairly. 
We are proud of offering high quality product and to take the time to treat each customer with respect. We see you!

blueberry scones
fancy tea cups on fancy plates

Our Story

This Tea Room has been in the heart of Fergus for a decade now. It started as Bentley House Fine Teas. 

Bentley House became popular for their famous scones, wide choice of high quality looseleaf teas and their High Teas. That was the result of two wonderful women entrepreneurs : first Mary Lloyd, then Richelle Hunt.

Christelle Martin saw the beauty of that shop, it really has a soul and decided to make it the home of Ambiances Gourmandes

stabilized whipped cream

Christelle's journey

Picture Nîmes, a little city in South of France. It is a Roman city with a beautiful coliseum. This is where Christelle grew up. Surrounded by lavender, olive oil and tannic wines, life was pretty sweet.

With a Master in Law, she started a carreer in a petrochemichal company. Soon to realize that it was not as fullfilling as hoped. Christelle went back to school to become a Pastry chef, a wonderful way to bring joy in people's eyes and tummies. Celebration was at the heart of her daily lfe!

Following her intuition, she moved to Canada in 2016, packing in her suitcase her dream to open one day a pastry shop that would be called Ambiances Gourmandes.

Ambiances ... what?

Gourmandes! Ambiances Gourmandes. We know, quite a mouthfull. 
But it is excactly about that, Gourmandes is a word people from France just love. It means that something that you are about to eat is delightful, beautiful, generous, fresh, hand crafted. By looking at it your mouth is watering, you have to have a bite... and have your mouth full!

But food is just not about what is in the plate, it needs an Ambiance. If you zoom out, it is the plate itself, it is the table, the linen, the China tea cup, the comfortable chair, the pleasant coulours around you, maybe a plant or two. It is the discrete music and the cozy lights. And it is the care and love the people both preparing and serving the food put in their actions.

High Tea at Home

Many of our delicious teas and pastries are available to order online.