Discovery box - Be Well

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Our discovery boxes offers you 6 flavours of tea. A perfect way to try our favorites, picked around a theme.
Each ``try-a-pot`` contains enough of loose-leaf tea for 3 cups or one pot. Our box also contains 6 tea bags to brew your teas.

Be Well contains the following try-a-pot :
- Elderberry BLACK TEA Elerberry has great properties for our immune system

- King of PuErh (organic) BLACK TEA PuErh is a semi fermented black tea. It is very helpful for digestion

- Turmeric Lime GREEN TEA Turmeric is good for our immune system and paired with this lime test, the flavour is spectacular

- Ginger Lime HERBAL One of our most popular herbal, its taste is unique. Great to help a sore throat or an upset stomach

- Stomach Ease HERBAL A great blend, this herbal uses mint to ease it all. A lot of pregnant women have been enjoying it

- Nettle HERBAL A loyal naturopath is sending her patients to get lots of Nettle from us, so we started taking some too and are loving it!

How to brew your cup of tea?
Black tea: Water temperature 95°C, steep for 3 to 4 minutes
Green or Oolong tea: Water temperature 80°C, steep for 1 to 4 minutes
Herbal: Water temperature 80°C, steep for 5 to 10 minutes